Mai Tai 🍊

Mai Tai 🍊

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We use a beautiful blend of Orange, Almond flavour, Mint & Lime Juice combined with a subtle Natural Rum Flavour, Kafir Lime, Lemongrass & a Hint Of Chili to create our tantalizing take on this famous tiki tipple - The Mai Tai. The same satisfying flavours, without the dissatisfying mornings.

Oh and did we mention? No alcohol here!

What Makes Us Awesome...

We're in the midst of a mindful drinking revolution, where people are actively changing their relationships with alcohol in order to lead healthier and happier lives! #ItsFlyToBeDry

Low Sugar

Sugar sucks. That's why we made sure Nocktails had the lowest sugar content of all non-alcoholic cocktails (that don't contain artificial sweeteners) available. Pretty rad right?

Low Calories

What even is a calorie? Who cares anyway, it doesn't really matter when your sipping on a Nocktail! Our Mojito contains less than 28 cals per can and our Strawberry Daiquiri has less than 35 cals per can.

No Nasties

No artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives here! Just pure love in a can.

Natural Botanicals, Extracts & Flavours

The combination of our botanicals and extracts such as Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass, Chilli and Pink Peppercorn help re-create those satisfying sensations and full rounded mouth-feel our alcoholic counterparts (yuck) are known to deliver.

100% Recyclable

Come on now, it's 2020. From our cans to our shipping packaging - it's all recyclable. So don't worry, we got this.

Sober Social

Snap Me, Share Me, Sip Me.

1. Tag Us @nocktail

2. Use The Hashtag #ItsFlyToBeDry

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