Katie McNicol - My Sober Story (Episode 1)

Katie McNicol - My Sober Story (Episode 1)
Welcome to our new series - My Sober Story where we introduce you to some amazing, inspirational and motivational sober superstars. In each episode, we ask our amazing guest the same 7 questions. Sounds simple, well... it is! Enjoy ✌️
  1. Please Introduce Yourself 👋

Hellooo, my name is Katie - @thissobergirl and I am 25, I live in Cheshire in England and I LOVE to travel and have visited over 20 countries across the world!


  1. When did you make the switch to the sober lifestyle? 🕰

I decided to stop drinking when I was 24 after around 3 years of being sober curious and attempting sobriety.


  1. Why did you decide ditch the alcohol? 🤷‍♀️

I decided to stop drinking alcohol because it was severely negatively affecting my mental health and I was not behaving like myself when I was drunk. Alcohol was making me poor, unproductive, sad and it was holding me back from reaching my potential!


  1. What is one thing you’d like to say to anyone thinking about putting down the bottle? ✨

Don’t be afraid of what others will think because 9/10 they will be impressed or not care at all, either reaction is great! I worried for so long about stopping drinking because I thought people would think it was silly as I was “too young” to stop drinking. You rarely hear a sober person say “I wish I drank for longer!”, if you want to stop, stop. You are doing this for yourself, no one else!


  1. Who inspires and motivates you on your sober journey? 💡

My Dad is 32 years sober and is my biggest inspiration. I always go to him when I need help, advice or guidance. It’s good to have someone to talk to who understands what you are thinking and feeling that’s why I think having a sober community whether that is online or face to face is so important. In my opinion being part of something bigger than just your own sobriety is so important because it holds you accountable and can help you when you are maybe having a wobble. Communities come in all shapes and sizes from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to Instagram there are lots of ways people can find support. My motivation comes from knowing that every day I am sober I am choosing to improve my life. Drinking held me back so much and I never want to go back to that. Thinking of how much I have changed and grown already in only a year keeps me pushing forwards.


  1. Where are your favourite alcohol-free spots? 🌍

I have travelled a lot and feel that actually the UK is very ahead in terms of the alcohol free market so I’m thankful living here being sober!


  1. How do you stay committed to living your life alcohol-free? 👊

I stay committed by remembering my whys. I think it’s so important to remember WHY you are doing this. Whether you are completely sober or cutting down, remember the reason you have made this decision because it can be easy to forget. You can tell people you trust, or write it down, or even have an inspirational quote saved as the background on your phone! Whatever you do, always refer back to it so you don’t forget.


  1. Any last thoughts? 💭

No matter how you feel, you are never alone! Everything you are feeling many, if not all, of us have felt before. Reach out, find support, take it a day at a time and be kind to yourself and remember nothing worth having is easy!


  1. Where can we find you? 📲



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