Our Story

How It All Started...

a message from our founder...

We are amid a Mindful Drinking Revolution, where people are actively changing their relationships with alcohol in order to lead healthier and happier lives... including me!

After 3 years of University drinking and working a corporate job in the city (also embedded with a big drinking culture) I began to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol.

I was 22, the partying, drinking and hangxiety induced mornings were no longer fulfilling and no longer aligned with what I desired from my life. I decided to turn towards a more mindful approach to my drinking in order to focus on becoming the best possible me.

My go to drink was a cocktail. Any of them. Whether I was on holiday, in the pub, at a club or even just enjoying them as I wound down at home.

However, when I started changing my drinking habits and looking for alcohol-free versions to enjoy, all the options available were unexciting and failed to match the same experience their alcoholic counter parts were able to achieve.

"I wanted a drink that matched both my personality and my lifestyle"

That’s how Nocktail was born.

My mission was to re-invent the mocktail for a new wave of mindful millennials. A drink that was low in sugar with no nasties whilst re-creating the same mouth sensations that an alcoholic drink traditionally provides. A brand that empowers young people to feel comfortable about their drinking choices, that connected with their personalities and lifestyle.

"We are re-inventing the mocktail for the more mindful, conscious and curious consumer"

The "Mocktail"

Traditionally, "mocktails" (we hate that word) are simple concoctions of fruit juices that are very high in sugar, full of nasties and fail to deliver the same, full rounded, satisfying sensations you would expect from an alcoholic beverage.

Furthermore, “mock” implies it’s a joke of a cocktail!

The same satisfying flavours, without the dissatisfying mornings.

We're only just getting started and it's so amazing to have you on board and part of our Nocktail journey.

Ditch The Alcohol, Not The Experience.

David, Founder of Nocktail.