About Our Drinks 🍹

I'm so glad you asked. Nocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails (see what we did there) that are low in sugar with no artificial sweeteners or flavours. We use a unique blend of natural botanicals, spices and flavours in all of our drinks to help re-create the same satisfying experiences you would expect from an alcoholic cocktail... just without the alcohol!

Yes! Nocktails are alcohol-free. The drinks do contain trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.25%), the same as most soft drinks on the market.

We use a unique blend of natural botanical extracts, spices and flavours which are propylene-glycol free. You can view our ingredients here.

Yes! In fact (to our knowledge) Nocktails have the lowest sugar content out of all the non-alcoholic cocktails in the world! Pretty impressive right? We use stevia (a natural sweetener) to bring out the flavour in our drinks. You can visit our nutritional tables if you really care that much (which you should!).

Wow, another wonderful question. Nocktails have the lowest calorie content out of all non-alcoholic cocktails available. Our mojito contains 28 calories and our strawberry daiquiri is only 33 calories. You can view detailed nutritional information here.

Nocktails don't contain anything artificial! We use Stevia, a natural sweetener in all of our drinks.

You betcha, all our drinks are 100% sodium-free.

You can find the BBE (we use slang round here) stamped on the bottom of the can. Although, this shouldn't even be a worry as you'll surely drink all of them way before then!

Yes, yes and yes! Nocktails do not have any dairy, soy or any other animal products in.

Nocktails can be stored out of the fridge just fine but who wants a tepid drink? We recommend you pop them in the fridge as soon as they arrive and enjoy over a few cubes of ice! Lush!

Nope! All of our natural flavours are GMO-Free. I'll drink to that.

Nocktails do not contain any phosphoric acid. Cool.

No allergens here! Nocktails are free from all allergens.

Other Things You May (or may not)Want to Know🤷‍♀️

I guess there's several explanations...

1. We are re-inventing the "mocktail". Mocktails traditionally are simple concoctions of fruit juices that are really high in sugar and don't deliver the same flavour experience as a normal alcoholic cocktail. Our "Nocktails" are low in sugar and use natural botanicals, extracts, spices and flavours to re-create the full-rounded mouth feel you would typically expect from an alcoholic cocktail.

2. It's a nice play on words, combining non-alcoholic and cocktail!

3. Well... it just works!

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The wonderful thing about Nocktail is that you can enjoy them at anytime of the day, anywhere. Fancy sipping a Mojito whilst completing that dreaded excel spreadsheet? Now you can, whilst keeping your head straight! Hit us up at Paul@nocktail.com to discuss wholesale orders!

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