Sober Dating - A Few Ideas & Tips

Sober Dating - A Few Ideas & Tips

“Hey, want to grab a drink tonight?” said each and every one of the guys that have asked me out on a date in the last seven years.

“No. No, I actually don’t!” I replied with a glare so intense it’d make any guy second guess even asking me out in the first place.

I’m only kidding!

In reality, things got awkward as I had to admit to being completely sober, which is, for some odd reason, a tricky thing to bring up in such a moment.  But why is acknowledging that you’re sober such an uncomfortable conversation to have especially when it comes to dating? 

Who knows? Not me.

At this point in my life, I’m more than comfortable with being alcohol-free, and, if there is one thing I do know, it’s that dating is ten times better when you put the glass down and do something different for a change.

If you’re sober dating but are unsure what to do, here are a few incredibly fun date ideas to take your significant other on the next time you go out!


Remember that super cool rooftop bar that you were going to get a reservation at? 

You thought it was out of the picture since you two won’t be drinking, didn’t you? 

Guess what? GO!

Not everyone knows this, but you can order non-alcoholic drinks at pretty much every bar, restaurant, and club. Even better, you can order a mocktail, which is simply just a virgin version of a cocktail, but still with the gorgeous presentation. 

Beyond being non-alcoholic, many mocktails are actually a healthier option since they’re often low calorie or sugar-free.

Being sober doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at your favorite bars and restaurants. Get all done up with your date. Hit your favorite bar. Enjoy the ambiance and order an alcohol-free version of your favorite cocktail!



There is no better way to get to know someone than by going on a walk and giving each other your undivided attention.

If you’re an expert in your city, take your significant other on a tour of various landmarks, awesome sightseeing spots, and swing by your favorite coffee shop and get a cold brew or hot latte to go -- depending on the weather!

Head to your local park for a little picnic or even just grab a bench and people watch for the afternoon.

After all, a healthy lifestyle includes a little bit of exercise, so you might as well enjoy some good company while you get your steps in!



A personal favorite here!

If you have a car, load up some food and drinks, pick up your date, hand them the AUX cord, roll your windows down and go!

Take the scenic route while vibing out to your favorite music, with your favorite person, and even your favorite non-alcoholic drinks like this Strawberry Daiquiri or classic Mojito

You don’t need alcohol to have a good time!

Life is all about good vibes and creating unforgettable memories!

-Your Friends at Nocktail